TV Academy - An Evening with Revenge
Television Academy's Presents An Evening With "Revenge" - Panel

Usually our Red Carpet Report Team are on the other side of the action, taking photos and doing video interviews but not last night, we were in the audience enjoying The Academy of Television Arts & Sciences’ presentation of An Evening with Revenge at the Leonard H. Goldenson Theatre in North Hollywood.

While I was waiting for JD, our producer, to park, I stood at the end of the carpet and was approached by a nice woman who never had seen a red carpet up close and it reminded me why we do what we do – so you can get the experience of what it’s like to interview celebrities at events like this. The woman was the mother of an ATAS member, said she had never seen a red carpet and was really surprised that there was really a “red carpet” laid out for the celebrities to walk.

With the events that we cover, we get almost protective of the tradition and love the fan-fare of actually being part of bringing the story to our audience. We curate the content, the story that the celebrity shares with us, we don’t cut it to a soundbite for a package. You can search on that specific celebrity and see their 2-3 minute interview with us as we ask them about their part in this story. Many of the interviews we’ve done have been favorited on Twitter or posted on their Fan sites or even personal websites because it was respectful of them, not a piece of gossip or link bait that exploits them.

An Evening with Revenge at ATAS - phone by iPhone / Stephanie Piche
An Evening with Revenge at ATAS – phone by iPhone / Stephanie Piche

Okay, now for a brief recap of the evening.

Funny thing, JD, our producer, is not a “soap” fan, but with all that was shared on the stage, he was pretty caught up for the ride home. He was almost interested in tuning in. Ha, kidding. But the fans in the audience were so engaged and really excited for how the characters were being developed.

Mike Kelly - TV Academy - An Evening with Revenge
Mike Kelly – TV Academy – An Evening with Revenge

The panel featured creator and executive producer Mike Kelley and cast members Emily VanCamp, Madeleine Stowe, Henry Czerny, Josh Bowman, Nick Wechsler, Gabriel Mann, Ashley Madekwe, Connor Paolo, Christa B. Allen and Barry Sloane. The panel was moderated by Emmy® Award-winning journalist Mark Steines who was having as much fun as the audience in asking them questions for the night’s panel.

Emily Van Camp at TV Academy - An Evening with Revenge
Emily Van Camp at TV Academy – An Evening with Revenge

Emily Van Camp called her character “Miss Crazy Pants” and maybe she has some sociopath tendencies but we don’t judge her too harshly as the back story of why this young woman is really after “revenge” for the wrongs suffered by her family and others.

The evening was not about getting spoilers out but to share the energy of this cast and honor their craft. We really found their insights to be lots of fun, from auditioning to character interaction on and off the set.

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