About Us

About Us

Thanks for joining us on Mingle Media TV’s Red Carpet Report

We hope you enjoy our media coverage of the latest news in digital media entertainment from video production to entertainment.

  • Stephanie Piche, Founder / Executive Producer, Editor-In-Chief
  • Entertainment Coverage by Contributing Editors Tamara Krinsky, Quinn Marie, Michelle Marquette, Brogyn Gage, Ashley Harrington
  • JD Piche, Digital Producer / Tech and New Media Entertainment Editor
  • Leslie Harris, Blog Contributor, Web Producer, Social Marketing

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Mingle Media TV broadcasts celebrity interviews and reviews, industry news about technology and web TV topics, lifestyle and indie live stream, produced and scripted web TV series entertainment programming seven days a week.

Interactive Entertainment: Audience members can interact with hosts and viewers online or via mobile devices for all LIVE streaming video shows.

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