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Disney’s “Let It Shine” is All Kinds of Feel Good for The Whole Family

On the Red Carpet for
On the Red Carpet for "Let it Shine"
Coco Jones on the Red Carpet for "Let It Shine"
Coco Jones on the Red Carpet for "Let It Shine"

It’s an age-old story, the kind immortalized by Cyrano de Bergerac where the talented man with a lack of confidence keeps him from telling “Roxanne” his true feelings.

In Disney’s “Let It Shine,” Cyrus, is a shy, talented musician who writes romantic hip-hop verses while his best friend shares them with the girl of his dreams, Roxanne.

Watch the story unfold as Cyrus reunites with his best friend Kris and their childhood friend, Roxanne, who is a singing sensation and promoting her music label’s songwriting contest at a teen club.

Cyrus stands by watching as Kris take credit for his lyrics and possibly win Roxanne’s heart too.

It’s up to Cyrus to step up and overcome his self-doubt and show Roxanne who he really is and follow his dreams.

Here’s the official trailer for Disney’s “Let It Shine”

We’ve all been there or know someone who has been but this is a Disney movie and there is a lot of talent captured in the acting, story-telling and the songs! Of course, there are a few plot twists that we can’t share – but you won’t be disappointed. So be sure to mark your calendar for June 15th and don’t miss this Disney Channel movie.

Want to know more? We got to speak with most of the cast on the Red Carpet at the Hollywood Premiere. You can see all of our interviews on our YouTube Channel by clicking here or scrolling down to find some of the interviews in this post.

The amazing cast list includes:

  • Tyler James Williams as Cyrus DeBarge
  • Coco Jones as Roxanne “Roxie” Andrews
  • Trevor Jackson as Kris McDuffy
  • Brandon Mychal Smith as Lord of Da Bling
  • Nicole Sullivan as Lyla
  • Courtney B. Vance as Jacob DeBarge
  • Dawnn Lewis as Gail DeBarge
  • Algee Smith as Da Boss
  • Robert Bryce Milburn as M.C.

“Let It Shine’s” soundtrack contains 13 original songs by a a group of talented musicians and produces such as Rock Mafia, Demi Lovato, Toby Gad, Antonina Armato, Andy Dodd, David Banner, In-Q, Adam Hicks, Tim James, Lindy Robbins, Dapo Torimiro, and Adam Watts.

Here’s the list of songs on the soundtrack available June 12th

  • Don’t Run Away (Tyler James Williams (feat. IM5))
  • Guardian Angel (Tyler James Williams & Coco Jones)
  • Me and You (Tyler James Williams & Coco Jones)
  • What I Said (Coco Jones)
  • Who I’m Gonna Be (Coco Jones)
  • You Belong to Me (Cast of Let It Shine)
  • Tonight’s the Night (Brandon Mychal Smith, Spencer Lee & Tyler James Williams)
  • Around the Block (Cast of Let It Shine)
  • Moment of Truth (Brandon Mychal Smith & Tyler James Williams)
  • Joyful Noise (Cast of Let It Shine)
  • Good to be Home (Coco Jones)
  • Let It Shine (Coco Jones & Tyler James Williams)
  • Self Defeat (Tyler James Williams)

“Let It Shine” was directed by Paul Hoen and written by Eric Daniel and Don D. Scott. “Let It Shine” is slated to premiere on June 15, 2012 on the Disney Channel.

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On the Red Carpet at "Let It Shine" Premiere
On the Red Carpet at "Let It Shine" Premiere

About “Let It Shine” and Disney Channel Original Movies
“Let It Shine” premieres June 15, 2012 (8:00 p.m., ET/PT) as part of the popular Disney Channel Original Movie franchise, the industry’s gold standard when it comes to relevant stories, diversity and pro-social messages for a generation of kids. A Disney Channel Original Movie has delivered cable television’s #1 original movie telecast among Tweens 9-14 and Total Viewers for the past 10 and five years, respectively. The 80+ movies share attributes that reflect Disney’s heritage and core values: trust, quality, optimism, self-expression, creativity, storytelling, imagination and entertainment. http://tv.disney.go.com/disneychannel/originalmovies/letitshine/

Watch “Let it Shine” Music Videos by clicking here

Filmed in Atlanta and Marietta, Georgia, “Let It Shine” is a production of GWAVE Productions, LLC.