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Vessel Bags Gives Back with Buy a Bag, Give a Bag Program Helping Needy Students #Lifestyle #Accessories

Vessel Lifestyle Bags - find out more at vesselbags.com
Vessel Lifestyle Bags - find out more at vesselbags.com

Review by Carolina Bonetti, Red Carpet Report Entertainment Reporter / Host follow her on Twitter @CarolinaBonetti

Vessel bags are going to be the hottest overnight, travel, and chic bags everyone wants. This indie company is breaking the barrier between fashion and philanthropy by donating a school backpack to a child in need with every purchase. That’s right; one purchased bag will happily head home with you, while the company delivers one to a child in need. What better excuse for running out and getting that new over night duffle can there possibly be?

Vesselbags.com lifestyle products
Vesselbags.com lifestyle products

Vessel’s new lifestyle collection features four very distinct styles: backpack, briefcase, weekender duffle, and Boston. You can choose between a beautifully close knit canvas material or their butter soft leather.

Vessel is not just another fashion forward, sleek travel bag company either.

In addition to their efforts of aiding children in need of education, the bags are very utilitarian. Rest assured that each piece is crafted with the intention of storing your ipads and computers, with multi dimensional pockets, and hidden compartments for easy access and extra storage. You can also head over to their website and customize each piece, to tailor to your daily or traveling needs. In an effort to bring more high quality products home Vessel is located in Carlsbad, Ca. Each beautiful bag is hand crafted to order, with the “buy a bag, give a bag” program in it’s fight to give children everywhere a quality education.


With every bag purchased, Vessel gives a school backpack to a child in need. Find out more about this amazing program here https://vesselbags.com/about-babgab/

Vessel’s CEO Ronnie Shaw believes; “Innovation and design are at the core of our company. Our consumer’s asked for bags they could use on-and-off the green, and the lifestyle collection is their answer.” For years golf enthusiasts, and pro-golfer’s have known the durability and high quality of Vessel and now you can too. For more information and price, make sure to head over to vesselbags.com