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Talking to the Cast of “MindGamers” about Science in Hollywood in this new Sci-Fi Thriller #MindGamers #Interviews #Trailer


Interviews by Jennifer Ortega and Rachel Greninger, Red Carpet Report Reporters follow Jen on Twitter @JenniferEOrtega and Rachel on Twitter @RachelonTV

We recently attended a press conference for the upcoming film, MindGamers and spoke with the cast one-on-one about this science-based movie.

MindGamers is a new sci-fi thriller directed by Andrew Goth. A group of talented young students, played by actors; Tom Payne (The Walking Dead), Oliver Stark (Badlands) and Melia Kreiling (Tyrant), discover a huge scientific breakthrough. They create a wireless neural network through a quantum computer. The network has the ability to link the minds of each of us. They discover that they can transfer motor-skills from one person to the next.

Science in Hollywood

MindGamers will be the first of it’s kind to actually use an audience of 1000 people to attempt a real scientific experiment. Audience members will wear special headgear while viewing the film. Data will be collected and results published. The filmmakers and Terra Mater Film Studios worked with scientists Dr. Tim Mullen and Dr. Mikey Siegel to create this event.

Our interview is posted below with questions in red, here’s the trailer for MindGamers

RG: My question has to do with your experience with quantum mechanics or quantum psychics prior to the film. When you got the part did you go out to learn everything about it or did you wait until it evolved in the script and take it piece by piece?

Ryan Doyle: I was researching this stuff anyway when this part came about. And even now I’m still into this. It’s funky.


Melia Kreiling: I read a book and I don’t know why, but this book still connects to me with my character. It’s called the Celestine Prophecy (by James Redfield). To me it was a really good reference point. It talks about vibrating to a level of almost disappearing into matter.

RG: Quantum mechanics has evolved so quickly. It’s amazing. Vibration at this point is almost a buzzword. You guys are almost perfectly poised on what everyone is doing so congrats on that. Anything else from either of you guys?

Tom Payne: It’s such a big subject, that honestly, it’s overwhelming. I could only really start to get into it and talk about it through the movie. All those conversations were really useful to me though my own exploration of understanding of who we are as people. It’s ongoing like anyone’s exploration of self. So the movie was the door into the whole thing, but it’s such a huge subject. For me, it was nice because I consider myself compassionate and empathetic. So it was nice to put some science into that as well. I still don’t think I can truly understand it. Honestly, you can’t get to the subject and say, “I have it all figured out.”

Ryan Doyle: I have theories. I assume I know what’s going on, but I might be making it up.


Olivar Stark: No.


Oliver Stark: I looked on the internet and came across some quantum theories that I could understand and enjoy and I picked my favorite ones. But for me it was more about if we had fully formed characters then the science would be taken care of. So I put my energy into that. So when you see the film, you’ll see that the science doesn’t necessarily help my character. He’s not particularly up on his studies. So I didn’t put as much time as maybe some of the other actors did in researching quantum mechanics.

Oliver Stark:

RG: There’s a lot of depth in this. How did you deal with it?

OS: It was quite daunting at first, but we had a lot of rehearsal time. We had 6 weeks together as a cast, which was mainly for parkour training, but it gave us a lot of time to sit down with the director (Andrew Goth) and talk about the film. And I know one of the producer’s was very scared of the rehearsal period because she knew we were either going to get on very well or just hate each other. But luckily we got along very well and that kind of camaraderie really helped us.

RG: Do you come from theater or has your core always been film?

OS: When I first started, when I was 18 or so, I did a little bit of small theater in London, but it’s been TV and film that I’ve really worked in.

RG: Well, the camaraderie that’s built in theater over a long period of time would be similar to this.

OS: Absolutely! We had that kind of camaraderie. And theater is something I would love to do.

JO: How was the physical training for the movie because it is a very athletic film. I know Ryan Doyle already is an athlete.

OS: It was great! We trained with these guys from 3Run, which is a top parkour academy in the U.K. They came to Romania with us and trained us. It was so much fun. Part of our audition process was having a physical assessment. We had to prove that we could learn parkour.

JO: You’ve had very physical roles in Badlands and Underworld.

OS: Yes, I have in general. I don’t know why because I can’t actually do anything.


OS: It’s fun! It’s great to be in these worlds and do these cool looking things.

JO & RG: Thank you so much!

OS: Thank you guys!

Tom Payne:

JO: You mentioned you recently were able to watch Mindgamers. You play the character Jaxon, but what was your experience just watching this unique film?

TP: The film jumps from here to here to here because everything takes place at the same time. Because it deals with quantum theory and everything is happening simultaneously. You come out of the movie having that experience of everything happening at the same time. The film doesn’t adhere to any traditional narrative. You come out thinking, well it had a beginning and a middle and a end and I cried at a certain point….it’s so weird. It’s a discombobulating experience, but it just really works.

RG: How has it been working with Terra Mater, which is the film division of Red Bull?

TP: It’s kind of cool and exciting. Every step of the way Red Bull has surprised me. What’s amazing about this company is that they have quite a bit of money and they are really supportive. It’s not like working with anything else. Everything else I have worked on has a bottom line and of course they have a bottom line here, but not in the same way. They go, “This is a really great idea. Let’s fund it.” And they fully commit. We just thought we were making a movie, but all this other stuff has come out of it. The movie is just like the first word of a sentence. This whole trip for me has been crazy and exciting. We’ll see what happens next.

JO: The movie is just like the tip of the iceberg because what you are doing on March 28th.

RG: Mind linking.

JO: And then working with scientists. Did you meet scientists Tim Mullen and Mikey Siegel during the shooting at all?

TP: No, I’ve just met them today, It’s really cool. I was talking to Mikey and told him that he just said everything that I’ve been thinking. I want to talk to him for a long time because we’re kind of on the same page about a lot of stuff. That’s what the movie gave me as well. I said in the press conference that it made me feel like yes, this is something I can believe in. Because  a lot of religious things are just stories we made up because we didn’t understand everything.

RG: It’s like a security blanket.

TP: Yeah, like a security blanket. And I have no problem with that. Sometimes I wish I could believe in it more because it makes things in life simpler. I wouldn’t then wake up in the middle of the night and think one day I won’t be here. That’s a weird thing….the loss of self and consciousness. But maybe there is something else.

RG: It’s a beautiful spiral almost. Quantum mechanics is up and down and all around.

JO: It’s not finite.

TP: It’s all very unifying. We’re all part of the same thing and that’s so valuable.

RG and JO: Thank you so much Tom!

TP: Thank you!

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About MindGamers
A group of brilliant young students discover the greatest scientific breakthrough of all time: a wireless neural network, connected via a quantum computer, capable of linking the minds of each and every one of us. They realise that quantum theory can be used to transfer motor-skills from one brain to another, a first shareware for human motor-skills. They freely spread this technology, believing it to be a first step towards a new equality and intellectual freedom. But they soon discover that they themselves are part of a much greater and more sinister experiment as dark forces emerge that threaten to subvert this
technology into a means of mass-control.

MindGamers takes the mind-bender thriller to the next level with an immersive narrative and breath-taking action. Visit the site at http://www.mindgamersmovie.com/