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“Next time, when they ask you where you’re from, you gunna say Detroit City, and we get you back on your feet”

Detroiters is a more than just a buddy workplace comedy to replace the now ended, after a 7 season run, Workaholics on Comedy Central. Detroiters brings a reverence to the glory days of the Motor City, starring Tim Robinson & Veep Alum, Sam Richardson, (co-creators alongside Zach Kanin & Joe Kelly), the show has heart. Like inspirational Sports movie level of heart. Whereas Portlandia highlights the quirk of the Pacific Northwest and the types of people you will encounter there, its honestly more accurate than you’d think. Detroiters shows a real love for the oft-maligned home of Mo-Town. Its about two life long best friends, Sam & Tim, who work at the advertising agency they inherited from Tim’s father’s, whom we learn in the 9th episode went “bonkers.” They’re a boutique agency that focuses on local businesses and they produce low budget commercials for their clientele.

While Tim & Sam have more in common with Dumb & Dumber’s Harry & Lloyd, than Don Draper, Robinson & Richardson never play their characters as yokels, the show is amazingly positive and inclusive, the smartest characters on this show are Sam’s sister, who also happens to be Tim’s wife, Chrissy (played by Shawntay Dalon) and Lea (Lailani Ledesma) the videographer & editor for the agency. While Sam & Tim can be petty when a long time client doesn’t renew a contract and the guys might miss out on hints from clients with dubious business practices, their motives and the general tone of the show is positive.

Detroiters is a hopeful comedy, they’re a couple scrappy guys who genuinely love where they’re from, while there is an acknowledgement of the crime and urban blight, no one victimizes anyone, and the only time there’s any negativism is when someone co-opts the grit of Detroit for their own branding, there’s a dig at a new tenant in their office building that wears “Detroit” shirts even though they’re from Seattle.

Some of the commercials in the show are cringe-worthy, everything else is honest and heartfelt and well worth your time

The first season ends on April 11th, on Comedy Central, but you can watch all the episodes on Comedy Central’s website

TV Show Rating 9/10

Detroiters airs Tuesdays at 10:30/9:30c on Comedy Central

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