If you haven’t checked out NATGEO’s series, Breakthrough, you will want to catch up and start watching new episodes that bring you the latest innovations and advancements that can change our lives today and in the future.

The series covers topics like addiction, cyber terror, cancer, drones, big data and energy from a scientific perspective. You can catch up on all episodes of Breakthrough that have aired at, on-demand or even on their app available on Apple TV!

We’ve posted info on the next two episodes below and the trailer. Are you watching? Let us know what has fascinated you the most in this new series…

Breakthrough: GAME OF DRONES
Premieres: Tuesday, May 23, at 10/9c

Director: Brendan and Emmett Malloy || Narrator: JK Simmons
Small, cheap commercial drones are everywhere, and they are being used for anything you can imagine. Most people use them for good … but in the wrong hands, they could be weapons of mass destruction. Governments and the defense industry are looking for ways to protect civilians from the current threat, and to prepare for the next step in drone evolution: when the machines are able to fly in swarms, like killer bees. It all comes to a head at the two-week-long Counter Unmanned Aerial Systems Challenge, better known the Game of Drones, where wildly different experimental drone-killing systems try to fend off waves of drone attacks … attacks that could become a nightmarish new part of modern life.

Breakthrough: Predicting the Future
Premieres: Tuesday, May 30, at 10/9c

Director: Shane Carruth and Kurt Sayenga || Narrator: Aaron Eckhart
One of mankind’s oldest fantasies is having the ability to see into the future. Once, we looked to seers like Nostradamus; now we look to statisticians like Nate Silver, editor-in-chief of FiveThirtyEight. Silver relies on data and a solid knowledge of probability — knowledge he gained from years of playing poker. But he may be the last of his breed. Increasingly, when we want to see the future, we turn to big data and computers powered by a new form of artificial intelligence called Deep Learning Neural Networks. This technology is quietly, but quickly, transforming how we live, work and think. To Bill Lapenta, the director of NOAA’s nine weather prediction centers, it’s a revolutionary tool in the never-ending quest to accurately forecast the weather. For Rutgers University, professor Joel Caplan and the Atlantic City Police Department, it’s the power behind “predictive policing” software that predicts what areas will become hot spots for crime. Deep Learning Neural Networks give Harvard University professor Pavlos Protopapas the ability to predict the path of every asteroid in space that could potentially hit the earth and wipe out the human race. But, warns Dr. Eric Siegel, for all of its potential for good, this technology can easily be turned against us, creating a world where your every move is calculated, and no mistake is forgiven.