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Red Carpet Report Media Kit

Here are the latest stats on our outlet through February 2017. We have the most comprehensive interactive media website for celebrity and entertainment news out there, without the gossip, click bait or fake news! We get the views on the social channels fans are found from YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more!

Mingle Media TV Network and the Red Carpet Report Media Kit February 2017
Mingle Media TV Network and the Red Carpet Report Media Kit February 2017

Our audience is found in many places and so is yours… We optimize our content for all of them! Including posting the full story and keywords on all media published!

We create “evergreen” content about your event and the talent without time-stamping it with some gossip… so it will always be fresh and ready for fans to consume!

MMTVN is an online outlet and YouTube Partner (ranked in the top 50,000 for viewership out of over 10 million channels) with 68% US-based viewership with 30% of our worldwide audience is from The UK, Canada, Australia, Brazil, France, Mexico, Spain and Italy. 

Our demographics average 60% female and 40% male audience worldwide and the age groups vary depending on location. In the US – it breaks down as follows: 13% 13-17 yr olds, 30% 18-24 yr olds, 28% 25-34 yr olds, 16% 35-44 yr olds, 8.2% 45-54 yr olds, 5.3% 55 yrs and over.

We are socially connected with over 150,000 subscribers to our social networks and another 30K subscribers to our website. Our media has an average of 2.5 million views each month via our outlet sites and social networks: https://www.redcarpetreporttv.com and via video http://www.youtube.com/minglemediatvnetwork photos on Flickr http://www.flickr.com/MingleMediaTVNetwork and via syndicated entertainment site articles as well as on over 15 additional sites from YouTube, Google+, Daily Motion, AOL Video, iTunes, LinkedIn, Roku PLUS on social networking sites: Google+, Facebook, Flickr, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, Stumbleupon, Reddit, blog posts,Tumblr, and other social networks.

We can provide audited reports from YouTube, Flickr and Google Analytics to back up our media kit in addition to other social media channels.

Our RCR Team also averages a 63 or higher KLOUT rating PLUS we post to LinkedIn, Google+, Tumblr, and our Personal Facebook Pages (over 25K combined connections). We also share on other social media sites like Digg, Stumbleupon, Reddit, and use the latest SEO techniques to ensure all of our content is crawled and indexed daily…

email us at contact [at] redcarpetreporttv.com